Our Projects

TGC Organizations Reaching People Services (TGCorps) provides support and services that promote efficacy and empowerment for Homeless, Disenfranchised, Low/Medium Income, and Disadvantaged populations through various projects and programs.


Coordinate Housing Development:

Affordable Housing; safe, clean and functional.
Mixed Housing: Donations Accepted and NP Income Potential

Program Development:

Economic, Educational and Life Skills Training


Administrative and Program Tasks:

Support Services, Program Staff
Strategic Organizational Plans.

Launching this Fiscal Year:


Our goal is to become instrumental in a Network of Organizational and Community Liaisons with the goal to combat the issues that are challenging potential, current and chronic homelessness.

Housing 2018-2019
Affordable, Mixed Use, Transitional, Income and Administrative Housing. We are also seeking Real Estate donations on behalf of the corporation for multi-purposed organizational goals.

Program Development 2018-2019
Provide programs to homeless populations and low to moderate income families; Holistic Living, Support Services for Career Development and Training, Entrepreneurial-ship and Small Business Training, Financial Literacy, Family Socialization and Support Networks.

Administration and Program Staff
Our Board of Directors consists of three members, with the addition of two additional positions this fiscal year. We have clear goals and a determination to make a difference. Our focus is implementation; funding and finding our professional team that has the same focused determination and skill base to perpetuate change and helps build the foundation for sustainability.

We encourage a full knowledge of Community Resources (Community, State, and Federal) and encourage a network of information and knowledge base for empowerment and efficacy. We are building bridges between existent resources and the needs of our populations.


Situations such as probate, foreclosure, death/dying, divorce or other situations that cause or perpetuate Homelessness; such as a job or economic loss or institutional changes. We seek to provide safe transitional housing to homeless populations and low-moderate income families; shelters, emergency housing, long-term and/or permanent housing. Through partnership and organizational relationships, we can provide affordable housing; coordination,  intervention, and implementation.

Projections 2019

Additional Homeless Sectors- Future Solutions

Veterans are a large growing number of this population. Domestic Violence is the number one contributor to women becoming homeless and female single parent families. Felons transitioning from incarceration to homelessness is prevalent. And Teen homelessness, transitioning from the foster care system or having grown up without parents present. These are fast-growing populations, with many social factors that are contributors to exponential growth. Our goals are to acknowledge and serve diversity within the homeless population, as it too has become a melting pot of middle and poor class persons and families. Currently, our contributions are from our community members, truly family to family ... our foundation of society is helping one another.

Our organization has prepared its foundations and are ready to compete in Grant Writing, Community Events, and Event Planning, and other Income Strategies that will move our organization forward toward our expansion goals. We would like to maintain our grassroots neighbor to neighbor implementation strategy while expanding to more neighborhoods across our nation.

Advisory Board

We are looking for activists and citizens interested in our mission. We would welcome ideas, contributions of time, monetary donations, real estate or any other giving that would further our cause. Our goal is “Bringing Life to YOUR light ...” This is an empowering of our society; our families, our citizens one individual at a time. Reflective of the vastity and variety of our communities are our solutions for its citizens. The family is foundational to society, destruction of the family can only result in ultimate decay of our nation. Our worldview solidifies this testament to humanity!

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