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Volunteers are welcomed! Whatever your skills or if you would like to create new skills, we are willing to assist you in developing your goals for helping others. A variety of nonprofit projects and programs are necessary to combat homelessness and a number of different approaches can eradicate one of the fastest growing issues in our country. Conditions necessitate a variety of volunteers to address the numerous issues prevalent in this population and to perpetuate organizational growth…come join us today.



This is partnership at its best! Teachers are having to feed, bath and cloth children before attending school for the day, as a result of being homeless. Ask any teacher in our public school system and they will tell you horror stories of the daily situations for “their kids”. Families need foundations, which for family is home. As family is the foundation for our society…HOME is the foundation for family.




As a 501c3 Public Charity NPO we are also in need of Corporate Support. We will be reaching out to many organizations, businesses, civic groups and other potential sponsors but please don’t wait to hear from us…contact us or make a contribution for our families and community. Thank you.




Please click the button below and make a donation to our mission. Look around you and see what conditions our families are living in… OUR families!

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It's easy to donate offline too.

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